Berenice, Kristina, and Amber Promoted

Berenice, Kristina, and Amber Promoted

Diversity, gratitude, and growth are among Revolution Marketing & Management’s core values. Our people bring varied talents and perspectives to the table, and each of them is appreciated for his or her unique value. Career advancement is one way we recognize their hard work.

JC, Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations, says, “When we recruit, we look for people from different backgrounds and experience levels. All sorts of individuals can be successful here, which is evidenced by our three most recent promotions.”

“Berenice M., Kristina B., and Amber W. have advanced,” explains JC. “These three ladies come from diverse backgrounds and career levels. They’re all making a big impact in our business. Revolution Marketing & Management is a great place for them to develop professionally. Our training structure makes it possible to teach and coach people with lots of business experience, as well as those who are new to the industry.”

These are some of the basics we teach in our training program:

” Problem Solving: It doesn’t do to dwell on problems. Instead, it pays to identify and focus on ways to solve them. We help people innovate, coaching them as they think of new ways to overcome challenges.

” Attentive Listening: Communication is a major factor of success. The importance of listening is sometimes overlooked, however. We help our team member focus on what they here, interpreting body language and emotion along the way.

We look forward to supporting our colleagues as they continue to flourish. Check out our Newswire for more updates on the learning and growth of our team.