Conversation Rules for Networking Success

Conversation Rules for Networking Success

For many people, getting conversation started is the hardest part of the networking process. We use a few simple rules to make sure our Revolution Marketing & Management connecting efforts are fruitful. Here are the techniques we have found most helpful when talking with potential contacts.

Opening with a compliment is one strategy that always seems to work well for us. We just make sure that whatever praise we offer is sincere. People can typically spot false flattery from a mile away. Being specific is also important, so if we compliment a blog or article someone wrote, we mention the main points.

Small talk is also an important aspect of effective networking. We tend to stick with topics relevant to the event we’re attending at the time, with the food provided often a good place to start. Traffic, local sports teams, and even the weather have all been useful for Revolution Marketing & Management’s small-talk strategy.

Asking questions is another simple way to get a solid discussion going. We pay close attention to what other people say during their introductions and then come up with insightful and open-ended questions to push the conversation along in a productive direction.

We use these conversation rules to bolster our networking exploits. To learn more about how we approach the process of adding helpful contacts, check out the Revolution Marketing & Management Newswire.