Don’t Be Afraid to Get Emotional During Speeches

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Emotional During Speeches

We use a wide range of techniques to improve our Revolution Marketing & Management public speaking skills. They include strategies tied to our emotions. Many people would say feelings have no place in a professional presentation. We disagree and have found the following emotional tactics useful in making more effective speeches.

Every presentation has a purpose, but we also think about how we want listeners to feel once it’s over. We align the content of our speeches with what we want them to be motivated to do.

We also use the emotional reactions of our audience members to deliver more compelling speeches. Rather than give memorized talks, we allow the reactions of our listeners to help us decide what approach to take with our remarks. We prepare our Revolution Marketing & Management addresses in depth, but we give ourselves some freedom to adjust a bit within a structured framework.

Our body language has a lot to do with the emotional appeals we make from the podium. We use eye contact as a tool to connect with audience members. Hand gestures also help us stress key points, although we’re careful not to overdo it with any type of movements.

These strategies help us infuse our speeches with an extra edge of emotional impact. For more on how we’re improving as public speakers, check out the Revolution Marketing & Management Newswire.