Getting a Good Start on a Career Bucket List

Getting a Good Start on a Career Bucket List

When we welcome summer interns into the Revolution Marketing & Management office, we introduce them to the concept of a career bucket list. We think it’s important to get a head start on long-term professional goals, and that working their way up in our company will allow interns and new hires to achieve them. Career advancement is a point of emphasis in our office, after all. We want to help new additions to our team reach the following common bucket-list aims:

• Earning a Big Promotion: It’s nice to have a major goal to pursue early in your career. This is one you can achieve several times, provided you work hard, volunteer for demanding projects, and do your best to embody your company’s core values.

• Speaking at a Conference: While it might spur anxiety in some people, being invited to speak in front of your peers is a big deal. It’s an honor worth grabbing hold of, even if you don’t consider yourself a strong public speaker. Having the chance to inspire and educate people from the stage can lead to major career growth.

• Running Your Own Business: This is a long-term goal we train people to achieve through the Revolution Marketing & Management training program. Our summer interns put themselves on paths toward ownership from their first days in our office.

We’re excited to bring a new crop of interns into our office! Check out the Revolution Marketing & Management Newswire for updates on our developing leaders.