Give Yourself the Gift of a Stronger Team for 2018

Give Yourself the Gift of a Stronger Team for 2018

December is fast approaching. What better way to celebrate the year’s end than a few holiday-themed team building exercises. In our Revolution Marketing & Management office, we’re always game to have a good time together. Here are some things we might try to keep us in the holiday spirit while forging stronger bonds:

• Office Olympics, Holiday Edition: Our Revolution Marketing & Management workplace supports friendly competitions among teams that bring out the laughter. Office Olympics can be hilarious when the challenges are inclusive and fun. For the holiday edition, one sport could be a gift-wrapping relay. See how many boxes each team can wrap and toss under the tree. This event can inspire team members to be efficient and strategic.

• Holiday Scavenger Hunt: In our Revolution Marketing & Management culture, we celebrate diversity. For multi-cultural offices, hide items around the workplace that represent various symbols of the different holidays team members might celebrate. Have a sheet with clues. Pair associates to work together to find what’s on their list.

• Holiday Gift True or False: A great icebreaker for offices in which team members are generally scattered. Have each individual list three gifts he or she has truly received and one he or she has not. At a holiday celebration, associates exchange their lists with another associate. Each one has to deduce which gift was not received.

Any time our team is together is a reason to have fun.