We’re Hiring This Holiday Season

We’re Hiring This Holiday Season

It’s an exciting time around the Revolution Marketing & Management office as we prepare for the busy holiday season. We’re hiring for a range of positions so we can make the most of this special time of year. JC, our firm’s Director of Operations, noted that we have some full-time spots available at the beginning of the year. It’s an ideal time to find out what kind of rewarding career path we can provide.

Our team members are passionate about creating event-based marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers. We boast a high-energy culture in which brand experts learn all the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

When we meet with potential additions to Team Revolution Marketing & Management, we like to see that they’re well prepared for the interview. Those candidates who perform some basic research on our company, the services we provide, and our recent work put themselves in position to impress our hiring managers.

We also listen for clear and compelling stories that explain the unique talents people can bring to our company. If someone is truly interested in a long-term career with us, he or she will already have a few strong anecdotes ready to go.

This holiday season promises to be a productive one for our team. Follow Revolution Marketing & Management onTwitterfor updates on our hiring efforts and winning campaigns.