Increase Audience Engagement With These Tips

Increase Audience Engagement With These Tips

When we create event-based campaigns in our Revolution Marketing & Management office, one of the qualities we look for is opportunities to engage audiences. Consumers who participated in an event are more likely to act and respond positively to messages we share. Here are three ways we can get people interested in what we have to say:

• Encourage Interaction: Interaction matters to audiences as it gives them a sense of ownership in the presentation. Therefore, in our Revolution Marketing & Management model, we seek opportunities to give consumers a hands-on brand experience. This might mean testing the project, answering questions, and taking a quiz. This way, we make the promotion unique to them.

• Don’t End With a Q&A: Each presentation should have a brief question and answer period. However, the most important factor for any speech is to end on a powerful note. Therefore, we might consider moving the Q&A portion to the middle section. We could ask for input after we’ve delivered the details of our message, but before we close.

• Be Sensitive With Humor: Jokes invoke emotions, which is great. However, as we note during our Revolution Marketing & Management meetings, we need to remember to whom we are addressing our message. What makes us laugh might not be funny and could even offend.

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