JC Is Honored for His Leadership Skills

JC Is Honored for His Leadership Skills

Recognition is always exciting, and JC, Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations, just won the Comeback Manager of the Year award! He was honored at a recent awards ceremony by other business leaders in our industry, which made the title even more meaningful. It was an exciting night, and JC felt privileged to have been nominated, let alone to have won.

Our whole team is thrilled to see JC getting recognized by his peers. We get the benefit of his leadership every day, and we see just how much he cares about our success and the success of Revolution Marketing & Management. We consider working with him to be a great career opportunity.

Here are some of the reasons that it’s such a pleasure working for JC:

• He Sets Clear Expectations: Starting right during their interviews, candidates come to understand what success looks like in whatever position they seek. We enjoy real-time feedback during the course of our workdays as well, so we always know that we’re on the right track.

• He’s a Coach: JC leads by example, educating and encouraging others as he focuses on continual learning and growth for himself. He calls the plays, and then supports us as we work to execute his vision.

These are just two examples of why we appreciate JC and are glad to be on his team. Learn more about him and his leadership style by following Revolution Marketing & Management on Newswire.