Las Vegas: Our Vibrant, Inspiring Home

Las Vegas: Our Vibrant, Inspiring Home

As members of Team Revolution Marketing & Management, we live and work in the greatest city in the U.S. Las Vegas has been our home for the past three years, and we have loved every minute of it. A city of endless opportunity, Las Vegas is the perfect place to pursue entrepreneurship. JC, our firm’s Director of Operations, added that there’s never a boring day here.

One reason Vegas is the ideal place to chase ambitious business goals is the city’s rapid growth. Already the largest city in Nevada, with nearly two million people living in the metro area, our city is primed to grow at its fastest rate in over a decade. Massive job growth in the retail, construction, and hospitality industries means there’s plenty of potential for success in event-based marketing.

The cost of living in Vegas is actually lower than you might think. Health care, transportation, housing, and groceries are all around the national average here. Utility costs are about nine percent lower than the national average. Combine all this with the fact that there’s no state income tax, and our area becomes an even more attractive destination.

We also enjoy warm weather throughout the year in Vegas. This means we can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities with our Revolution Marketing & Management colleagues. Hiking, golf, and various festivals keep us busy all year long.

Our city is an amazing place to be. Follow Revolution Marketing & Management on Twitter for more about Las Vegas and why we love it so much.