Learn More About Candidates by Asking This

Learn More About Candidates by Asking This

Job interviews serve two purposes. The first is to confirm that the candidate’s skill set matches the job qualifications. The second is to confirm that the candidate is a good cultural fit for the company. This second purpose requires questions that dig beyond what’s on the résumé and draw out personality traits. In our Revolution Marketing & Management recruiting process, we might ask one of the following questions during an interview:

• How Did You Prepare for This Interview?: Usually it’s easy to spot whether or not a candidate has deeper knowledge of the firm simply by his or her answers. However, it’s also important to identify how this person acquires information. Research is a key component of our Revolution Marketing & Management campaigns, so naturally we’re interested in how well a candidate is prepared to speak to our business needs.

• What Were You Doing on Your Best Day at Work?: Passion is important when setting course on a new career. This question allows us to learn about the types of activities and tasks on which candidates might enjoy working.

• What Questions Do You Have for Us?: This question speaks to listening skills. In our Revolution Marketing & Management training, we reinforce the importance of active listening. One way to tell if someone is paying attention is the questions they might ask us.

We strive to know as much as we can about candidates so that we make the best hiring decisions.