Learning and Connecting in California

Learning and Connecting in California

We always enjoy spending time together away from the Revolution Marketing & Management office. We’re currently preparing to attend several conferences in Newport Beach, California. These events will offer great networking and learning potential.

Along with gaining insights from all kinds of high achievers, we plan to enjoy ourselves during these California trips. JC, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We’re going to indulge in a team beach day while we’re in Newport, and we also hope to enjoy a live sporting event. We believe in a ‘work hard, play hard’ business model, so we’re ready to make the most of this outing.”

The fresh viewpoints on offer during industry conferences make them well worth attending. JC added, “When we get to interact with top leaders from all around the country, we discover how many different approaches there are for thriving in our industry. Our team members always come back to Revolution Marketing & Management HQ inspired to try new methods after a big business trip.”

New contacts made at industry conferences also help us make progress toward our highest goals. As we expand our networks at these events, we equip ourselves with unique sources for advice. We also build confidence in our own skills at the same time.

We’re ready to learn and have fun together in Newport Beach. Follow Revolution Marketing & Management on Newswire for updates on all our team travel events.