Looking Forward to a Leadership Weekend in Dallas

Looking Forward to a Leadership Weekend in Dallas

Travel is a vital piece of the Revolution Marketing & Management experience. We take trips to relax and enjoy one another’s company, and to get around the top names in our industry and learn from them. Another reason is to grow our professional networks. In fact, our next travel opportunity will give us a chance to do all three of these things.

Hand-selected team members will be heading to Dallas in January for a leadership event. We always look forward to attending these weekends and appreciate learning from the top producers who are invited to speak there. We grow as people and professionals from the stories and knowledge shared.

It’s also a perfect place to expand our contact lists with like-minded professionals in event-based marketing. Everyone asked to attend had to show that they could achieve the results necessary for an invitation. Therefore, everyone we meet there is sure to be someone that will make a great contact.

Perhaps the best benefit of this trip will be the way those representing Revolution Marketing & Management will grow closer as colleagues and friends. Travel brings associates together and lets them get to know one another at a level that is difficult to duplicate in the office. The camaraderie when team members return from the Dallas trip will have a positive impact on the whole organization.

Our trip to Dallas is sure to be a blast! See who goes and pictures from the event by following Revolution Marketing & Management on Twitter.