Making Valuable Connections in Dallas

Making Valuable Connections in Dallas

Our team got 2019 off to an amazing start by learning and networking at the Dallas conference. JC, our Revolution Marketing & Management Director of Operations, took several top leaders with him to this national gathering. Those who attended the conference got to learn new techniques and meet top performers from all across the industry. They also heard success stories from some of the most successful people in event-based marketing.

The connections we make when we venture out to events such as the Dallas conference can pay off in a wide range of ways. Along with having great sources of advice as we move our careers forward, we might also find that our new contacts can open new and exciting doors for Revolution Marketing & Management.

We also get to sharpen our own pitches when we network at big industry events. Not only does this bode well for future networking efforts, it also helps us gain confidence in our unique skills. The more often we tell strangers about the value we offer as potential contacts, the more self-assured we are in tackling new challenges on the job.

The insights we gather when we network at conferences and other events help us streamline our work back at the office. By interacting with high achievers from different markets, we discover novel approaches we can use to deliver even bigger wins.

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