Be the Office Hero With These Team Building Activities

Be the Office Hero With These Team Building Activities

Our Revolution Marketing & Management culture is stronger because of our team-based functions. Along with fun team nights, our leaders often host other events or activities that serve a deeper purpose while also being enjoyable. Here are some options we’ve been considering to help strengthen our team’s collaboration skills as well as their rapport.

Effective problem solving is a skill that is vital for our people to acquire. As we’ve noted in our Revolution Marketing & Management office, there are plenty of ways to hone this aptitude through activities. Escape rooms are opening around the country. These venues offer a chance for team members to work together using clues to exit a locked room within an hour. This type of event also fosters stronger communication as team members rely on each other to solve the puzzles. Scavenger hunts and murder-mystery dinners have similar elements.

Our Revolution Marketing & Management team nights often have a little friendly competition built in. We like to challenge each other on board games or something sporty, such as bowling. More adventurous groups might test their physical abilities at trampoline parks, go-cart racing, or even laser tag.

Another fun way to bond that sparks creativity is to take classes together. Group-based painting nights or cooking classes are filled with laughs while we learn something new.

What are some team-based activities your office enjoys?