PRESS RELEASE: Revolution Marketing & Management Launches New Campaign

PRESS RELEASE: Revolution Marketing & Management Launches New Campaign

LAS VEGAS, NV – Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations discussed the firm’s newest campaign. He also outlined the emphasis on ambitious goals that keeps the company moving ahead.

Excitement is building around the Revolution Marketing & Management office as team members promote a new addition to the firm’s portfolio. JC, the company’s Director of Operations, explained that F1 Wash & Wax is the focus of the latest campaign. He added that it’s a respected product endorsed by NASCAR Motor Speedways. Working with new partners to promote a top-flight brand is another sign of the firm’s ongoing growth and burgeoning reputation as an event-based marketing leader.

JC explained that F1 Wash & Wax is unique because it allows users to wash their vehicles without using water. It captures and lubricates dirt so that it comes off without causing any scratches or damage to paint. After removing dirt, F1 Wash & Wax leaves behind a layer of carnauba wax for shine and lasting protection.

The Director added that Team Revolution Marketing & Management is proud to promote F1 Wash & Wax because its parent company, RGS Labs, is committed to helping find a cure for breast cancer. JC noted that RGS Labs donated $500,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 2013. He shared that this dedication to giving back is an inspiration to the firm’s brand experts.

Revolution Marketing & Management’s Director of Operations on the Value of Lofty Targets

Every time there’s a new addition to the Revolution Marketing & Management portfolio, team members get fresh motivation to perform at their best. JC explained that setting major growth goals is a point of emphasis from each brand expert’s first days on the job. Pushing past current skill sets is a way of life around the company’s workspace. Working with an exciting new brand therefore serves as a key milestone and a springboard to bigger things.

Getting as specific as possible is an essential part of the Revolution Marketing & Management goal-setting approach. JC explained that rather than shoot for vague notions of success and growth, team members put clear benchmarks in place so they can measure their progress. The firm’s brand experts know where they want to finish, so it’s easier for them to get off to strong starts and make the right adjustments along the way. For yearly, quarterly, and even daily objectives, team members know exactly where they stand and which key markers are within reach.

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