Pure Motivation: The Key Elements

Pure Motivation: The Key Elements

Why is it that some people achieve monumental success while others struggle even to set goals? There are several factors that separate highly accomplished people from the rest, one of which is motivation. They aren’t simply driven by the desire to make lots of money, either. These are the elements that fuel motivation throughout Revolution Marketing & Management.


Most importantly, we’ve learned that the purest inspiration is intrinsic. It’s about a purpose that’s deeply personal and meaningful. Parents are often motivated by their children, for instance. Individuals compelled to support cancer research have often been affected (either directly or indirectly) by the disease. It’s much deeper than nice houses and fancy cars.

As our Revolution Marketing & Management leaders assert, true motivation endures. It’s not connected to an isolated event, like finishing a marathon or earning a PhD. There are underlying themes that trigger the desire to set such goals. Those themes illuminate the real inspiration. They’re usually powerful and profound, perhaps relating to legacy or survival in some way.

The bottom line is that genuine motivation is not about material wealth. Financial security is great, but it shouldn’t be counted on as a means of inspiration. People don’t have control over external factors, which come and go. The real stuff is connected to the inner self.

These points help us home in on what truly drives us.