Recent Success, Future Goals, and Tony Robbins

Recent Success, Future Goals, and Tony Robbins

Since relocating to Atlanta three months ago, Revolution Marketing & Management has doubled in size. We also have an executive manager up and coming, and we have aggressive goals for further growth in the near future. It is definitely an exciting time to be part of our family!

We recently launched a huge initiative to expand our influence in the Atlanta market. At the same time, we have started a brand-new campaign that has doubled exposure for our company. Our leaders hope to keep up this intensity and expand quickly with a new team into another territory in the next three months.

Amid all this growth, JC, one of our executives, had the chance to go to a Tony Robbins event in Los Angeles. JC explained, “It was a life-changing experience, and I brought so much amazing information back to the office with me. Robbins is a mogul for a good reason. We have been able to create several months’ worth of workshops and training insights based on his teachings.”

Constant improvement is a core Revolution Marketing & Management principle, and it drives us to set high benchmarks for performance and growth. We are looking to start expansion soon, so we are ready to add new people who want to grow along with our organization.

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