Revolution Marketing and Management on Virtual Boosts

Revolution Marketing and Management on Virtual Boosts

If the thought of in-person networking makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. Some of our team members at Revolution Marketing and Management would much rather reach out online than strike up conversations at industry events. Here’s some of our best advice for making the most of your time (and others’) when networking in online spaces:


  • Become a Blogger: Give people more than one way to connect with you and make yourself more visible by blogging about current industry topics, suggest our experts at Revolution Marketing and Management. This not only gives possible contacts an opening to chat, it shows them who you are in a unique way.


  • Invest in a Few Social Spaces: You don’t need to invest in setting up a page on every social media website, caution our people at Revolution Marketing and Management. If you decide to have a presence on social media, choose a few platforms and hone your offerings there. Don’t favor one over the other to the extent that your presence becomes uneven.


  • Make Writing Exchanges: One way to reach out online (and bring your name to people’s attention) is to seek out guest blogging opportunities on other websites. This will cast a wider net for letting people know about your expertise while you make new connections along the way.


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