Revolution Marketing and Management’s Top Skills

Any leader stepping into a new role at his or her company will, in this day and age, need a certain set of skills to effectively bond with and direct people. We at Revolution Marketing and Management know that these needs change over time; the key skills of leaders in the 1980s were much different than today’s. Here’s what current managers need to excel:


  • A Knack for Feedback: As our experts at Revolution Marketing and Management will tell you, this isn’t about whether you hold formal reviews once a quarter or choose another method of getting in touch. The key is to give team members timely and specific feedback, no matter the avenue you use to connect.


  • The Ability to Reach Out Online: Many leaders – as our people at Revolution Marketing and Management can attest – must be able to bridge the gap between themselves and remote workers. It’s not enough to be great at face-to-face meetings. You must also be able to connect virtually, because more people work from home than ever before.


  • Emotional Intelligence: If recent events are affecting your team members, you’re already aware that giving information might be a different prospect in times of personal upheaval. Leaders today need to be sensitive to the needs of their team in times of change.


For more advice on growing in a leadership role, check out available career opportunities with Revolution Marketing and Management.