Why We Take Time for Conferences (and So Should You)

Why We Take Time for Conferences (and So Should You)

In our Revolution Marketing & Management learning space, we encourage our people to build their professional networks at every opportunity. Recently, two of our team members had an excellent venue to meet and connect with influential industry leaders.

“Select members from our Revolution Marketing & Management office headed to Dallas, Texas in early January to attend the national conference,” said JC, our Director of Operations. “This event is one in which our people engage in advanced learning from top experts in dynamic marketing.”

“Christian and Axel were chosen to attend because they are really committed to our Revolution Marketing & Management mission,” explained JC. “They both go above and beyond. This conference was a great opportunity for them to grow.”

During the event, both made contact with some of the brightest minds in this industry. “Each travel opportunity exposes our associates to new people who can provide them with different insights,” said JC. “We encourage them to use this networking to build their professional profiles and form connections that can serve them throughout their careers.”

“We believe that growing our team means providing them with paths to realize their own goals,” JC continued. “Our people earn their spots at each conference or retreat by showing they are ready for leadership. This is how we reward them.”

Travel is one of the perks we enjoy as a team. Check out our Newswire to see where we’re headed next.