How to Use Team Nights to Strengthen Teams

How to Use Team Nights to Strengthen Teams

There’s no shortage of fun in our Revolution Marketing & Management office. Of course, we work hard every single day to achieve our goals and ensure the brands we represent thrive. It’s a team effort – one that requires collaboration that sparks innovation. To build stronger bonds between our people, we enjoy spending time together outside of our office. Enter our sensational team nights.

JC, our Revolution Marketing & Management Director of Operations, sums it up precisely. “My thought is a happy company yields happy results,” he said. “For that, team building is essential to a fun and exciting culture.”

As JC noted, there are many opportunities throughout the year to bolster our team rapport. “In November, we celebrated Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving with Friends at Revolution Marketing & Management,” he shared. “We hung out, played games and got to know each other even more on a personal level.”

Our Las Vegas location also offers ideal venues to enjoy wonderful team nights together. “There’s so much nightlife and countless opportunities to have fun in this city,” he said. “The entertainment options are outstanding, and we certainly participate in them as well.”

For JC, the most important factor is building a strong culture through branding specialists who genuinely enjoy being together. “The more comfortable we are as a team the more we can build each other up,” he said. Our connections with each other foster better collaboration, which turns into better results for brands. As we succeed, we also can expand into new markets. It’s success through fun.

We strive to have frequent team nights to build our core group.