Want Results From Your Next Presentation? Try This

Want Results From Your Next Presentation? Try This

Successful presentations are those in which people are inspired to act. In our Revolution Marketing & Management coaching program, we work closely with our incoming branding specialists to create powerful campaigns that drive impact. Here are some basic strategies we find effective:

• Set Expectations: People are more apt to listen when they know what to expect. In our Revolution Marketing & Management training, we reinforce the need to tell audiences what you are going to tell them (opening), tell them (middle), repeat what you told them (closing). For example, we might open with sharing that we are here to speak about a product and why it’s effective, explain the details, then close by suggesting this product is right for them.

• Present a Problem With a Solution: When presenting a solution, it’s important that the audience recognize there is a need for it in their lives. This means we need to also present a problem that the audience must own. Our Revolution Marketing & Management messages are based on research that ensures we know what customer needs are so that we can tailor our presentation to address them specifically.

• Show Why You’re Credible: People who are speaking from an authoritative position should present their credentials up front. This way, audiences will find them more believable.

An effective presentation strategy makes all the difference in seeing desired results.